Monday, 10 September 2012

Allow Me To Introduce Myself!

Hi Everyone!

 My name is Gina Rio, I am a 
24 year old living in beautiful but busy Central London, enjoying this City life, with a huge shopping addiction.
 My favourite Designers are Yves Saint Laurent, Zuhair MuradGiuseppe Zanotti and Roger Vivier.  
I love make up and follow a daily skin regimen. I'm obsessed with my car and keeping it clean.  
I'm a fun, loving 'girly girl' and I am known as a sweetheart to many. I am spoiled, but not a brat! I appreciate everything I have and enjoy giving to Charity. 
I love being with family and friends travelling!

I decided to create a Blog to express my passion for fashion. I am known for being quite stylish and having a good eye for good quality. I plan to make updates on all of the latest fashion and trends. I also share my life and likes through photos.

I am new to this Blog thing, so please bare with me and please feel free to ask any questions. I am pretty open with anything I discuss on my Blog.

I make daily updates on my >>Twitter<< so please follow me there as well ;)

Also, I am asked on a daily basis by people, whether my breasts are real considering I have such a small waist. And YES! They are 100% real!! I'd only get surgery if I really needed it, maybe in 30 years!


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