Monday, 7 January 2013

Behind the scenes of The Sun photoshoot

The day of the shoot :

The day of the shoot was exciting, I had The photographer arriving that morning for my exclusive photos which are now posted online and in The Sun Newspaper.
That morning I received a call from my hair stylist who had an emergency and could not make it in time before the shoot, so I called concierge to book an appointment with the Hairdresser on site but she was not available! I attempted myself with my GHD hair straightener which stopped working (The exact moment I needed it) I still to this day cannot believe that happened! I look back now and find it hilarious!

The photographer arrived, he had a lot of great ideas. I showed him all of my possessions and he had an eye for what he would like to see in his shots!

After that whole disaster, it turned out to be a great shoot! Considering my photos were not airbrushed they came out looking great.


Friday, 4 January 2013

The Sun Newspaper/ The Daily Mail

                                      The Sun Newspaper 
For those of you who read The Sun Newspaper last Sunday 30th December 2012  would have seen my article on page 35 (center page).
Below is a photo that The Sun had on Online. 

You can find the whole story on:

The Sun Newspaper website -

The Dailymail Online   -

Thank you to those who have shared my story through blogging!
If there are any questions you would like to ask... feel free to ask away!