Monday, 13 May 2013

Could the Porsche Pamamera be my Next car?

My mother usually persuades me to like certain things so that she can buy it all for me. I am rather particular and take my time with various decisions. I am very fussy when it comes to cars and handbags! They have to be of top quality and I have to love it or else I won't buy it!

I have had several individuals ask me the exact same question..
"With your money, why don't you buy a Bentley?"

Firstly, if I'm honest I am not too fond of the look of Bentleys, I'm more into sports cars and smaller girly things!
Last year, my mother had bought me a brand spanking new Mercedes SLK which I adore! I absolutely love Mercedes cars. I have not done that many miles in my car and my mother is persuading me to change it already! Intentionally, I wanted to keep it for a year longer, just so that I could get to enjoy it properly, I haven't had time to drive it as much as I'd like to as I keep forgetting about it which is just awful to say.
So I asked my fellow Twitter followers what should be my next car? And 98% that responded said the Porsche Panamera. I have noticed a lot of Panamera cars around but haven't loved it, until I googled Panamera convertible and discovered such a beauty, that will be coming out mid 2014. I would prefer the 4 seater, but like I said, I am rather particular, I have to sit inside it and absolutely LOVE it or I won't be happy!
However, I am extremely impatient so I will be at the Porsche showroom the week it comes out! ;)

So true!

Love quotes!

So me

Love it!

What do you think of this Herve Leger dress?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Mmm.. Macaroons ;)

Lemon and pink are my favourites

Morrocanoil is a treat to my hair

A hairdresser named Erol Douglas had told me that Moroccan Oil will blow your mind, it's amazing! So of course me being me I then researched and read many great reviews..

I purchased this product from

I wanted to try it, so I bought a small bottle just incase I hated it! And as you can see I bought another bottle for my mother to also try! I was massively impressed by this Moroccanoil product, it's far from greasy and leaves a silk like, smooth effect on my hair. My hairdressers normally hate the fact that I straighten my hair everyday! However, since using this treatment I hardly ever straighten and just use a hot air brush instead which is a lot more healthy for my hair.

Moroccanoil treatment
Info -
A wondrous multi-tasker, Moroccanoil Oil Treatment helps to soften thick and unmanageable hair, build flexible strength and restore shine and softness to dull, damaged hair. It even protects against environmental damage, thanks to the pure argan oil formula. If your hair’s been damaged by colouring and styling, or if you have hair extensions, this product is for you. The unique quality of instant absorption allows it to impart instant shine without leaving an oily residue.

Whilst purchasing this product, I noticed a Morrocanoil paddle brush.. which is shockingly fantastic!

Moroccanoil paddle brush
Info -
The Moroccanoil Medium Barrel Brush is the ultimate styling tool that promotes healthy hair. The ions in the bristles repel water to reduce drying time, as well as conditioning the hair to make it shiny. Strong and durable, it lasts twice as long as a standard brush, making it the perfect investment buy.

I will most certainly use products from Moroccanoil until I discover something else that tops this!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

#ThrowBackThursday - Dizzie Rascal feat Calvin Harris music video come and dance with me

I am still reminded by friends and family about this 'Dizzie Rascal - Come and dance with me' music video I did years back, as it is still aired by many music stations.

I think I was about 18/19, I remember it being a fun random day as usual! I still get compliments on my outfit - it's not a dress it's a Shay Todd swimsuit and I wore a black skirt to go with it!

I remember being in Selfridges and noticing the swimsuit, I grabbed it and took it to the counter! I didn't even check the size or price tag.. I was just in love!
After the video friend of mine told me Paris Hilton wore the exact same Shay Todd swimwear in a Burger Advert, I had absolutely no idea until I googled of course!

I can't believe how young I looked there! :)

#ThrowBackThursday - Miami fever

I absolutely miss Miami! When I finally have some spare time to myself I am hibernating in South Beach for a while! It really is so peaceful, locals are so gracious and down to earth! ;)

Super Model bikini bottoms are from Victoria's secret which I bought from the store in South Beach x