Friday, 9 January 2015

#GeordieShore makes me #Sick!

People who have watched me on Big Brother will evidently know that I am very abrupt, I say what I think and I do not care what people think.

Just before the new year, I came across an Article from 'Ok! Magazine' Online which placed a photo of myself and unfortunatley a member of Geordie Shore right next to me and compared our outfits (Cleavage) for the night. 
What offended me most was being categorized with someone like Holly from Geordie Shore.

Me being me, I displayed my thoughts on how I felt Via Instagram and it later became news on 'The DailyStar' Website.

Which then turned into what they call it 'Twitter Beef'. 

Shrek with a boob job (Holly) would have seemed less stupid if she had'nt tweeted me which I found completely immature. 
And completely contradicted comments from her manager. 

However, let me clear a few things up once and for all.

Fact - Shrek with a boobjob (Holly) watched me everyday on Big Brother tweeting her hatred for me. No idea why one would be so obsessed with me when I sure as hell was not sitting in the Big Brother house thinking about her!

Fact - I declinded working with her manager as I found the company completely useless and none of their clients are sucessful. Why would I waste my time?  

Fact - I was invited to a fashion event which I thought seemed odd as it stated it was a fashion show when Fashion week had ended however I had no idea it had anything to do with the Geordie shore freaks! I left as soon as I saw a cluster of Herpes (The Geordie shore girls) surrounding some girl showing her fake boob and all I could see was the scar from the surgery It was pink and hiddeous! The worst thing I have seen in my life! I left immediately especially due to the fact that I would never support a thing they do!
One of the worst things you could do in life is turn up at an event and realise its not just an unprofessional fashion show you've attended but its promoting a geordie shore members tacky garments which looked to be sold on a market stool at some point!  

Now as for the bed wetting stinking idiot Charlotte Crosby. I was told only recently she had mentioned rude messages on Twitter about me, I found it absolutely amusing! Especially considering the fact  she didn't have the balls to directly tweet me stating her thoughts herself, what a Wimp! 
I have no respect for people like that at all! Quite frankly she gets no respect period! 

I watched 10 minutes of an episode of that Geordie Shore where Holly gave this guy felacio after meeting him for 5 minutes. What kind of trash actually watches that show?! What do their parents seriously think or are they just like them? 

Holly Hating Hard

A fan sent this to me, which is rather disturbing actually. Considering someone with over a million followers, you'd think she would be far too busy to sit on her sofa watching episodes if Big Brother tweeting nasty comments about me on Twitter when I had never seen or spoken to the girl in my life.
She sounds like a hater to me and clearly has some obsessed hatred for me when I sure as hell was not sitting in the Big Brother house thinking about her.

Well If I looked like her, I'd probably be mad at the world too.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Clueless & Gossip Girl School uniform style ideas

If only I could turn back time! Believe you me, I would handle my life a whole lot better.. Although I'm happy with the way I've been brought up and things I've achieved at such a young age but I would certainly eliminate the ex guys  (with that bad boy phase) in my life and disloyal friends! I guess most life experiences changes you for the better and can only make you wiser.

I have decided to write this post because if I could magically rewind my school life, I would change my style! And have the teachers hate me some more!
Back in school I would have my tie undone or small and fat or loosely hanging low with my top buttons undone and my skirt so short.. shirt undone.. Still loved wearing my blazer though!

My lovely mother would receive letters and complains from my school, 
she ignored them as she had a similar problem with my sibling the teachers would call my mother in to ask her to stop buying my sibling such expensive shoes because it's making other pupils feel bad.
I was a bit of a naughty pupil. My parents would never speak rudely to me so why should I tolerate a teacher dictating what I should do with my choices.

One thing I did listen to was no make up! Maybe because my mother didn't allow me until I was 15/16 and that's what ruined my skin trying 'Mac makeup' so I had to stick to 'Estée Lauder' up until now.

Girls.. You really don't need make up for school! Maybe a nice bronzer and subtle nude lipgloss and mascara. Anything else will damage your skin and there's nothing worst than having natural beautiful skin and ruining it with the likes of foundation.

Save it until you need it or when your older and want to do as you like!

Although fuck it I would have wanted Cher's style for school from Clueless!
When I was young I had a Pen Pal from America and she told me that in America they didn't have to wear school uniform and if a uniform was attired they could do as they liked! It's so unfair!

Loosing weight -Gym -Diets -Workouts

actually do! 

   Me laying on the floor dying at the gym

I've always been a UK size 6.. And because I have such big boobs everywhere I go people usually ask me if  they're real because I have such a small waist and these big boobs!
A lot of people would also ask me if I eat which use to annoy me because of course I eat as I like to be healthy not dead!

It's been over a year now and the comments about me being so skinny have stopped, and when you're use to constant silly comments asking if you eat it's strange when it completely stops!
It took me a while to actually realise i've put on weight! I would eat out at restaurants for 2 years straight every single day because i'm too lazy to cook and I love fine dining. My mum was honest with me and my close friend told me I'm starting to get a bit of a stomach! I appreciate honesty from loved ones so I signed up to David Lloyds gym and now I work out at least 5 days a week with my best friend. 


This was my stomach two years ago when I was in Ibiza! (and no I wasn't sucking in).

I did work hard for it! Three hours everyday at the Gym.. Then I got a boyfriend and started getting lazy..  I guess my next boyfriend has to be seriously hot and in shape to give me that #Motivation from now on.
I will always be a size 6 dress size  because it suits me and imagine me size 14 in the clothes I wear.. It would never suit my style! Plus I enjoy running around half naked so I love feeling confident in a petite well toned body!
My auntie is in her 60's and shes still a size 6 and she doesn't even work out shes just lucky and still so stunning for her age! Every member of my family are surgery free so i'm blessed to have my mums genes I won't ever need surgery.

I don't believe in becoming obsessed with being skinny as it messes with your brain and causes eating disorders which is something nobody should ever go through especially at a young age! 
People should eat healthy as in stocking up on fruits/veg and fresh juices and smoothies. Also working out or go for walks is great.

Check out my girl Marie Smith. Her Instagram page @Revviva is so inspiring. I'm looking forward to her website which will be coming along soon! 

Oh hi.. Great body! Ahh I use to have that stomach! This photo makes me want to go and do another session at the gym!
Marie eats well and drinks on nights out but still has a figure like this!
Eating heathly and working out does get you this. 

This made me laugh I had to post this! 

Haha this makes me laugh as it's so true!

My godness! Let me tell you something about the Booty! I never use to have one, I wasn't bothered anyway at least I have great boobs, you can't have everything right! But as if it ever bothered me, I'm overwhelmed with having great boobs who needs an ass! But if you have both then great!

Since I put on weight which I earlier mentioned my butt kept on growing and growing and still is! Everyones mentioning how big my booty has got now, i've been receiving so many compliments! 
It may have something to do with the squats I do everyday with those kettle bells! 
I love the TRX its my favourite thing to work out on! I was thinking of getting one in my house but I know i'll never use it! My dad has always had a gym in his house from even before I was born, so not long ago I decided to have a gym built in my house.. Never once used a thing I thought it was so disgusting of me to be so wasteful and lazy! But I live alone so I found it boring! I quite like working out with others around me it sounds weird but I guess everyones different.

                     Diets that work

My friend is doing this diet at the moment 
'The Pineal Gland Diet'

My mum usually does this diet. Trust me she went from a size 12 to an 8 in a few weeks it was shocking. I want to try this diet but I hate Cabbage and especially a Cabbage soup yuk!!
But it's something i've seen work so if you can do 'The Cabbage diet' go you!!

                 The Porridge Diet

I'm doing it this week..
This diet is very popular especially with Celebrities as it does work.
A personal trainer had told me that 'The Porridge' diet does not mean to live on porridge all week it's important to eat a bowl of porridge in the morning but have light foods from noon after such as protein like chicken or fish with veg or salad! And watch the dressing!! 
Lucky for me I don't eat salad with dressing as personally I cannot stomach many sauces or even gravy.

Beyonce and Naomi Campbell are known for having great results doing this diet. I tried it, and hated it after two days! It was the the worst thing! Sickening and I can't just live on fluids!
Made me weak and faint.

                   Healthy snacks 

                   Great to snack on.. (minus the egg for me)

Funny quotes/photos