Saturday, 12 December 2015

Video: New family VLOG / Shannons Birthday

Watch my latest video blog = Vlog on YouTube 

Features my crazy, loving, wonderful family! Watching these videos makes me notice our individual eccentric personalities :) 

It was also Shannons Birthday, though I ran out of battery on my camera and also ran out of battery on my phone, so I missed out on capturing a lot of great moments!! 

Since then i've bought back up batteries and SD cards.. practice makes... perfect!!!

I started blogging for my fans because they asked and I wanted to give it a go. Also, a lot of crazy things have happened in my life which I would have loved to have shared with my fans so they can know more, see more and understand me more. 
I now enjoy creating/editing my Vlogs and it's endearing watching moments back especially with my family.

I love sharing parts of my life with you all, and thank you for postive comments they mean a lot 

#Vlog #fun